Things to Know before you get Contact Lens

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The number of people having vision problem due to refractive error is on the rise globally. There are multiple options to improve vision in people having refractive errors. The options vary depending upon the age, the degree of the refractive error, the occupation and personal preferences.

Contact lens is one such option which can be worn by most. Contact lenses are the perfect solution for people who don’t want to wear glasses or have corrective surgery. Everyone must undergo a thorough eye examination by a qualified ophthalmologist before considering contact lenses.

It is very important to follow the instructions given by the ophthalmologist regarding the handling of the lenses to avoid risk of infection. There are certain important things that I would like to highlight if you are a contact lens user.

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How to avoid problems with contact lenses ?

It is better to start with the same eye each time so that the right and the left eye lenses don’t get mixed up.

Hygiene is of utmost importance while handling lenses. Wash your hands thoroughly, dry them with lint free towel before handling contact lenses. Lenses can stick to wet hands and so dry them before taking the lens.

Do not use tap water to rinse the lenses as they can have microbes which can cling to the lenses and cause eye infection.

Use appropriate contact lens solution which is recommended by your ophthalmologist. It could be a multipurpose solution which cleans and disinfects the lenses.

Replace contact lenses as recommended. There are different types of contact lenses available including daily, weekly or monthly disposable. Even if the lenses appear new at the end of the suggested wear period, it is advisable to discard them.

Pay attention to the contact lens storage cases as well. Clean the lens case every day with a disinfecting solution and once a month by soaking in hot water. It is preferable to replace the case once in three months.

Avoid long hours of wearing the lenses and avoid sleeping with the contact lenses on. There are extended wear lenses which can be worn for long hours but wearing them overnight increases the risk of infection. It is advisable to remove them before sleep.

In case of any redness, pain or decrease in vision, discontinue using your lenses immediately and contact your ophthalmologist at the earliest.

It is better to have a spare spectacles which can be used at home or in case of suspected infection.

Can I wear my make up while using contact lenses ?

One of the common reason to wear contact lenses is to avoid spectacles in social gatherings. Many people think that they can’t apply make up while wearing contact lenses . On the contrary, make up can very well be used without any problem by following some simple guidelines.

Always put on soft contact lenses before you apply makeup and put on gas-permeable lenses after you've put on your makeup. Remember to take the lenses out before you remove your make up. It is better to avoid metallic or glittery eye shadows and eye liners as they can irritate or stain your lenses. It is better not to apply eyeliner to your inner rims, between your lashes and your eye. Ideally the eye make up should be replaced at least every 3 months.

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Can I continue my sports activities as usual ?

For most sports and activities the lenses can be worn. The lenses rarely move or fall out. Also they don't fog up like glasses, and they give better peripheral vision. It is better to avoid the lens while swimming. Even with watertight goggles, you can get an eye infection from water. If you do swim in contact lenses, it is best to use daily replacement lenses and throw them away after swimming.

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